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We consider characteristics of partnered sexuality of older men and women, particularly sexual activity and sexual quality, as they affect cardiovascular risk. Cardiovascular risk is defined as hypertension, rapid heart rate, elevated CRP, and general cardiovascular events. We find that older men private dating service more likely to report being sexually active, report having sex more often and more enjoyably than are older women.


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MS can interfere with sex in a of ways, but there are also ways to keep your sex life alive and satisfying. Many people with MS experience some degree of reduced libido interest in and desire for sex and diminished sexual meet women for sex in pawlet vermont and function, according to a study published in November in BMC Neurology. However, once you understand how MS le to problems with sex, you can focus on finding ways to regain your enjoyment of sexual intimacy. MS can directly affect your sexual response and function if it damages the nerves that carry messages from your brain to your sexual organs, says Nicholas LaRocca, PhD, vice president of health care delivery and policy research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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For men, this can mean difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection the most common sexual problem related to MS or difficulty ejaculating. For women, it can mean reduced vaginal lubrication. Both men and women may experience hypersensitivity or reduced mature woman brunswick missouri free in the genital region, and both may have trouble reaching orgasm.

There also are indirect ways by which MS can interfere with sexual desire or function.

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MS-related fatigue or depression can have a libido-dampening effect, as can pain, odd sensations — such as pins and needles or tingling — in parts of your body, or spasticity in your muscles. Some MS symptoms may be so personal that you have a difficult time telling your partner about them and decide to simply meet puerto rican guys sex instead.

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LaRocca says. The emotional impact of MS can also interfere with sex, because it can erode your self-esteem and confidence lady wants casual sex saunderstown well as the romantic relationship itself.

The stress of living with MSfor example, might be draining all the energy you once put into the relationship. And MS can lead to other stresses, such as job loss, that can change the experience of sex for an individual or couple. Although you might find it embarrassing or difficult to talk about intimate concerns, communication — with both your partner and your medical team — is the first step to getting your sex life back on course.

Indirect effects of ms on sexuality

Graves says. Graves also stresses the importance of working with your medical team.

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Graves notes that several available treatments can improve sexual function and help rekindle romantic feelings. Some options include:.

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Talk with your doctor about what treatment or combination of treatments would be most helpful for you. Sexual dysfunction is quite common, so chances are your doctor is more comfortable with the topic than you think, Graves says. Health Topics. Health Tools.

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Multiple Sclerosis. By Madeline R. Last Updated: December 21, Medically Reviewed. Direct Effects of MS on Sexuality MS can directly affect your sexual response and function if it damages the nerves that carry messages from your brain to your sexual organs, says Nicholas LaRocca, PhD, vice president of health care delivery and policy best city for interracial dating at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Reluctance to talk about the effects of MS can also be a barrier to sexual activity. Some options include: Medication Ladies seeking sex timbo same oral medications, injections, and implants that are used by men without MS may help those with MS deal with erectile dysfunction.

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Therapy Individual or couples therapy can help both partners work on sources of stress or depression that may interfere with new portland me sex dating, improve communication, and facilitate ways to be more supportive of each other.

Sex therapy This form of therapy focuses specifically on sexual problems. After getting to know you, your therapist may suggest techniques or exercises to try at home to help increase your sexual satisfaction.

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