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Yes I am honest about everything. To be honest I am too honest. If something's bad I say it's bad and I want you to be honest too, at least to me.


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Upon being asked for the hundredth time why I am single and if I will ever find someone who will help me grace this world with my offspring, I have decided to compile a list of reasons why I am a total catch. I write this in hopes that I can find a man to help me fulfill what others have deemed to be my sole life purpose. I hope someone out there finds local girls nude in taylor wyoming worthy.

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As I write this article, I am currently eating a tube of raw cookie dough in the same manner that a normal person would probably eat a burrito. I have an addiction to dying my hair. It is always changing, and often grannies dating des lacs bright, abnormal colors.

It was just me, dying my hair red again. When I sneeze, I have this involuntary reflex of kicking my leg up in the air. I have actually kneed myself in the face on more than one occasion. With the combination of my grace and my height, I probably resemble Wee Man from Jackass kicking himself in the head: Totally adorable, and very entertaining.

10 reasons why you should date me!

I possess the rare talent of starting kitchen fires while attempting the simple task of boiling water to make my famous dish: Ramen Noodles. I might not be able to keep you full, but Darling, I will definitely keep you warm. I often disappear american girl dating english guy days or a week at a time when I go in to these hibernation phases where I binge-watch Supernatural and block out the rest of the functioning world.

Not to brag or anything, but I can make some bomb ass blanket forts, with the assistance of your living room furniture and my inability to grow up. I hate people, so I will never cheat on you.

69 reasons not to date me

My hours of binge-watching Supernatural will finally pay off. I am usually too tired to clean the makeup off of my eyes before bed. This usually in me waking up with eyeliner and mascara smeared unceremoniously all over my forehead and cheekbones. If you have a horror fetish, look no further. Dating a serious guy will protect you from the wild things.

Top 7 reasons why you should date me!

Last summer, I was sitting on my porch some time after midnight and I accidentally burped so loud that three of my neighbors simultaneously turned their porch lights on and searched their front yards in confusion. Free sex line buena park I have the ability to scare the hell out of my neighbors, I could probably scare away bears in the wild, too.

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A (totally not sarcastic) list of reasons why you should definitely date me

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